Benizi Santamaria

    I suppose I take photos. Call me what you like, Journalist, Street Photographer, Documentary or Travel blogger, these titles mean little to me. People and their stories captivate me. Never mind my qualifications. Don't ask me about what is behind me. After all, isnʼt what one does now that matters? I take photos, that is all to it, do have a look.

    My journey in photography began in India in late 2009. I have never stopped since. These days, youʼd find me running behind a cloud of dust chasing after a bus in the lane ways of Jakarta, or perhaps you'd have to walk up the slope of a volcano in Flores to share a meal with me. I could show you the way to a tribal ceremony in Sulawesi, lead you through the crowded slums of Caloocan in outer Manila or even take you right into its beating heart of deafening karaoke in Santa Cruz,. If you want it easy, then come find me right here in Melbourneʼs cafe laneways. Never mind where you find me, I may find you first.

    Photography will forever be my affliction, addiction, meditation and most of all my passion. So let me not say anymore but leave you with this, ʻLet my eyes be your window to the world”.

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